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        Perun Anvils & Vises (Poland)

        Perun Anvils & Vises (Poland)

        For centuries anvils have been one of the basic and the most important blacksmith's tools. Over the years, their shape and treatment have changed, as well as the material from which they were produced. Knowledge and experience of the best Polish and foreign blacksmiths helped us to create our forged steel anvils, which characterize by ideal proportions, unique shape and excellent technical parameters. The blacksmithing anvils are manufactured entirely from specially-chosen alloy steel. Perun blacksmithing anvils are made of a specially steel alloy developed by Perun. It contains elements such as C, Mn, Mo, Si, Cr. We do not weld the face and the leg of the anvil together. Instead, we cast the whole anvil. Every casting is always checked for possible casting defects such as cracks, shrink cavities, etc. After passing quality control, our castings are heat treated and precisely machined. The face of the forged steel Perun anvil is hardened by quenching, and its edges are tempered so that it does not crumble at work. After heat treatment the working surface is also ground. Find your blacksmithing anvil online today!

        Due to the production process, the round holes in particular anvils may be slightly displaced from the longitudinal axis of the anvil. The displation does not affect its functionality in any way.

        Approximate Rockwell range 54 - 58 HRC

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